IGA-662: The Future of Europe: Key Challenges and the Restructuring of the European Project

Semester: Spring

Credit: 4.0



Day Time Location
Term Start Date 1/23
Meet Day T/Th 11:45 AM - 1:00 PM Belfer 400 Land Hall (HKS)


Is the European Union facing an “existential” crisis?  A significant number of political leaders and analysts have expressed their concern about the current status and projects of the European Union. What started off as a very promising process towards European unity after WWII, and continued for many years as such, is today facing a wide range of serious challenges, from the economic to the political, and from the social to the cultural. The European Union remains, however, a cornerstone of European stability and economic prosperity, and its legacy is undisputed. This course examines such key issues for the future of the Continent as the underlying cultural changes in European societies, the difficulties Europe faces in combining sustained economic growth with reforms and technological adjustment, the challenge of populism from right and left, and how Europe can achieve its ambitions of becoming an effective geopolitical actor in the face of Russia´s assertiveness and the threat of terrorism. The course will also discuss proposals for institutional reform and social and political innovation.  It will appeal to all those who wish to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the crossroads at which Europe now finds itself.

Also offered by the Government Department as Gov 1152 and the Law School as 2937.

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