MLD-320M: The Art of Leading in a Diverse World: Skills, Insights, and Best Practices

Semester: Spring 1

Credit: 2.0

Syllabus: Click here for syllabus


Day Time Location
Term Start Date 1/23
Meet Day W 4:15 PM - 7:00 PM Belfer 400 Land Hall (HKS)


In this module, we will explore the personal, interpersonal, organizational dimensions of being an effective leader capable of leveraging diversity at multiple levels. How do we define diversity in multiple contexts? How have our unique perspectives shaped our journeys? How do we experience implicit bias and difference in our own lives and careers? How do those biases and experiences shape our perceptions and interactions as leaders? What practices and programs can help leaders build and leverage diverse teams and organizations? How can we, in leadership roles, recognize and advance diversity and inclusion in the world around us? How do we lead change? Through readings, discussion, and dialogues with visiting practitioners, students will grapple with these key issues, beginning with self and moving to structural and systemic organizational interventions. Students will learn best practices for leading in ways that build and empower diverse teams and organizations.

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