SUP-518: Economics of Global Health

Semester: Spring

Credit: 4.0

Syllabus: Click here for syllabus


Day Time Location
Term Start Date 1/23
Meet Day M/W 2:30 PM - 3:59 PM Sever 214 (FAS)


This class examines health issues in developing countries from the standpoint of applied economics. Specific topics include: (1) understanding the complex relationship between health, population, and economic growth; (2) understanding key challenges to improving individual and global health (3) recognizing differences between optimal health decisions from an individual, national, and global perspective. We will examine the empirical evidence in support of interventions affecting health including the success and failure of interventions that target infant mortality, diarrhea, worms, AIDS, and malaria as well as smoking and obesity. We will also investigate the role of health insurance as well as different approaches to deliver health care in resource-constrained settings. Prerequisite: At least one course in microeconomics and one course in applied statistics or econometrics.

Also offered by the Economics Department as Ec 1389.

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