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Services & Program Offerings

Personal and confidential teaching support
Class visits, viewing taped classes, individual confidential consultation, reviewing student feedback, preparing syllabi, training in classroom skills, course management, course design, individual coaching and general discussions about teaching (Contact: Allison Pingree)

Faculty teaching seminars
Monthly teaching workshops to share best practices in teaching at a professional school (Contact: Allison Pingree)

Take a colleague to lunch
Invite a faculty colleague to attend one of your classes, go out to lunch with him/her to talk about your class, and the Kennedy School picks up the check. (Contact: Allison Pingree)

Class and program assessments
Assess student learning within classes or program (Contact: Dick Light)

New faculty teaching workshop
Multiday orientation program on teaching and learning for new faculty (Contact: Allison Pingree)

Case and curricular material development and access
Develop interdisciplinary teaching training, tools, experiences and materials that extend professional pedagogy into the curriculum, access to all HKS and HBS cases, faculty incentives for case development, case writing training and support for student-developed cases (Contact: Carolyn Wood)

Mid-course evaluation support
Create online surveys and provide reports on student evaluations, review student feedback (Contact: Allison Pingree)

Disseminate and integrate key research on professional-school teaching and learning
Integrate lessons from HKS experience with the scholarly literature to frame guidelines for matching pedagogical approaches to subject matter, student audience, and teaching objectives (Contact: Allison Pingree)

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