Sea Change: Re-Writing the Rules of Port Security (Video)

30 min. video case (shorter versions available)
This 30 min. video explores the innovative approach used by the Coast Guard to manage the process of developing new regulations that would increase port security in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks.
The video consists of five 5-6 min. segments that can be used in sequence or separately. It features an in-depth interview with Coast Guard Captain Suzanne Englebert, who volunteered to lead the effort, applying a more collaborative, less prescriptive framework than had ever been used before in a regulatory process to the monumental challenge of changing a complex system with hundreds of private organizations and scores of government agencies operating at different levels.
Along with Captain Englebert, other members of the port security network are interviewed, representing a container terminal, the passenger ferry industry, labor unions, and small passenger vessels. Compelling footage of the port of Seattle provides students with a sense of its inner workings, while other scenes illustrate Captain Englebert’s distinctive management style.
List of segments:
1) The port system and the Coast Guard (6 min.)
2) The challenge after 9/11 (5:20 min.)
3) A new approach to regulation (4 min.)
4) The public meetings (6:30 min.)
5) Outcomes / The network (6 min.)
Read the short accompanying case.

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