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Last Name First Name
Title Departments
Phone Number
Paarlberg, Robert Email to Robert Paarlberg,
AssociateMossavar - Rahmani Center for Business and Government
Packnett-Cunningham, Brittany Email to Brittany Packnett-Cunningham,
Fellow, Dept/Prog (EE)Institute of Politics
Pagonis, Melissa Email to Melissa Pagonis,
Program CoordinatorExecutive Education
Pande, Rohini Email to Rohini Pande,
Visiting ScholarCenter for International Development - EPoD
Pandith, Farah Email to Farah Pandith,
Senior FellowBelfer Center for Science and International Affairs
Panjabi, Rajesh Email to Rajesh Panjabi,
Fellow, Dept/Prog (EE)Center for Public Leadership
Papalimberis, Kathy Email to Kathy Papalimberis,
Assistant Director, Campus Operations and ServicesCampus Planning and Operations
Parent, Matthew Email to Matthew Parent,
Faculty AssistantFaculty Assistant Group
Park, John Email to John Park,
Fellow, Dept/Prog (EE)Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
Park, Cathey Email to Cathey Park,
Forum CoordinatorInstitute of Politics
Parker, Sandy Email to Sandy Parker,
Assistant RegistrarDegree Programs and Student Affairs
Parker, Richard Email to Richard Parker,
Lecturer in Public PolicyFaculty
Parrott, Nina Email to Nina Parrott,
Program Coordinator, Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership InitiativeExecutive Education
Parsie, Yashar Email to Yashar Parsie,
Research AssistantBelfer Center for Science and International Affairs
Pasquetto, Irene Email to Irene Pasquetto,
AssociateShorenstein Center on Media, Politics, and Public Policy
Patana, Pauliina Email to Pauliina Patana,
Post Doc, Stipendee (Stip)Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation
Patch, Neil Email to Neil Patch,
Online Learning ManagerAcademic Deans' Office & SLATE
Patil, Dhanurjay
AssociateBelfer Center for Science and International Affairs
Patterson, Thomas Email to Thomas Patterson,
Bradlee Professor of Government and the PressFaculty
Pattisall, Tyl Email to Tyl Pattisall,
Administrative CoordinatorDegree Programs and Student Affairs
Patwa, Sharvari
Course Coach MLD-210MDegree Programs and Student Affairs
Pedulla, David Email to David Pedulla,
Professor of Sociology, FASFaculty
Pelletier, Taylor Email to Taylor Pelletier,
Program Assistant, MPADegree Programs and Student Affairs
Peng, Cong Email to Cong Peng,
Post-Doctoral Research FellowMalcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy
Perez, Cindy Email to Cindy Perez,
Development CoordinatorAlumni Relations and Resource Development