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Last Name First Name
Title Departments
Phone Number
Bacow, Lawrence Email to Lawrence Bacow,
President of Harvard University; Professor of Public PolicyFaculty
Bahar, Dany
AssociateCenter for International Development - Growth Lab
Bai, Jie Email to Jie Bai,
Assistant Professor of Public PolicyFaculty
Balise, Julie Email to Julie Balise,
Digital Communications CoordinatorBelfer Center for Science and International Affairs
Balls, Edward Email to Edward Balls,
AssociateMossavar - Rahmani Center for Business and Government
Balz, Daniel Email to Daniel Balz,
IOP Sr. FellowInstitute of Politics
Bane, Mary Jo Email to Mary Jo Bane,
Thornton Bradshaw Professor of Public Policy and Management, EmeritaFaculty
Banihashem, Monet Email to Monet Banihashem,
Director, Strategic EngagementCenter for Public Leadership
Banks, Beth Email to Beth Banks,
Associate Dean for Human ResourcesHuman Resources
Banks, LaChaun Email to LaChaun Banks,
Associate Director for Practitioner CommunitiesAsh Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation
Barbesino, Karina Email to Karina Barbesino,
Research AssistantBelfer Center for Science and International Affairs
Barcelo, Yoany Email to Yoany Barcelo,
Operations AssistantCampus Planning and Operations
Bardissi, Aida Email to Aida Bardissi,
MEI Staff/Program AssistantBelfer Center for Science and International Affairs
Barnum, Victoria Email to Victoria Barnum,
Faculty/Program Assistant (Faculty Assistant II)Center for International Development
Barrios, Douglas
Research ScientistCenter for International Development - Growth Lab
Barron, Alison Email to Alison Barron,
Executive AssistantFaculty Assistant Group
Barroso, Luis Roberto Email to Luis Roberto Barroso,
AssociateCarr Center for Human Rights Policy
Bartlett, Gretchen Email to Gretchen Bartlett,
Area Manager, International and Global AffairsFaculty Assistant Group
Basler, Annmarie Email to Annmarie Basler,
Financial ManagerMossavar - Rahmani Center for Business and Government
Battilana, Julie Email to Julie Battilana,
Alan L. Gleitsman Professor of Social Innovation, HKS; Joseph C. Wilson Professor of Business Administration, HBSFaculty
Battista, Jennifer Email to Jennifer Battista,
Program CoordinatorExecutive Education
Bauer, Kate Email to Kate Bauer,
Project Coordinator, Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership InitiativeAsh Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation
Baum, Matthew Email to Matthew Baum,
Marvin Kalb Professor of Global CommunicationsFaculty
Baum, Jeeyang Rhee Email to Jeeyang Rhee Baum,
Adjunct Lecturer in Public PolicyFaculty
Baumann, Erin Email to Erin Baumann,
Associate Director of Professional PedagogyAcademic Deans' Office & SLATE