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Last Name First Name
Title Departments
Phone Number
Cochran, Brianna Email to Brianna Cochran,
Alumni and Donor Relations AssistantAlumni Relations and Resource Development
Cohen, Dara Kay Email to Dara Kay Cohen,
Ford Foundation Associate Professor of Public PolicyFaculty
Cohen, Lisa Email to Lisa Cohen,
Executive AssistantDean's Office
Cohen, Neal Email to Neal Cohen,
FellowCarr Center for Human Rights Policy
Cole, Shawn Email to Shawn Cole,
John G. McClean Professor of Business Administration, HBSFaculty
Cole, Christine Email to Christine Cole,
Senior FellowAsh Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation
Cole, Jennifer Email to Jennifer Cole,
Leadership and Annual Giving CoordinatorAlumni Relations and Resource Development
Coleman, Karl Email to Karl Coleman,
Director of Faculty Assistant ProgramAcademic Deans' Office & SLATE
Coles, Nicholas Email to Nicholas Coles,
Fellow, Post Doc (EE)Center for Public Leadership
Colletti, Anthony Email to Anthony Colletti,
Program CoordinatorExecutive Education
Collins, Kerri Email to Kerri Collins,
Staff Assistant IIIInstitute of Politics
Collins, Megan Email to Megan Collins,
Research Project ManagerMalcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy
Collis, Manuela Email to Manuela Collis,
WAPPP Research FellowWomen and Public Policy Program
Combs, Christopher Email to Christopher Combs,
Senior FellowAsh Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation
Conconi, Adriana
Director of Strategic Engagement and DevelopmentCenter for International Development
Conroy, Brian Email to Brian Conroy,
Director of Security OperationsCampus Planning and Operations
Conway, Shawn Email to Shawn Conway,
Senior Operational Technology ProfessionalInformation Technology
Cooper, Suzanne Email to Suzanne Cooper,
Academic Dean for Teaching and CurriculumAcademic Deans' Office & SLATE
Edith M. Stokey Senior Lecturer in Public PolicyFaculty
Cooper, Ann Email to Ann Cooper,
AssociateShorenstein Center on Media, Politics, and Public Policy
Cordisco Tsai, Laura Email to Laura Cordisco Tsai,
FellowCarr Center for Human Rights Policy
Cortis, Eleni Email to Eleni Cortis,
Director of MPP ProgramDegree Programs and Student Affairs
Coscia, Michele Email to Michele Coscia,
AssociateCenter for International Development - Growth Lab
Costa, Alex Email to Alex Costa,
IT Customer Service ManagerInformation Technology
Cox, Lisa Email to Lisa Cox,
Academic Content ProducerAsh Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation
Cozza, Pam Email to Pam Cozza,
Director of Human ResourcesHuman Resources