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National Security Fellows

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Program Director: Jean Woodward

The National Security Fellows Program at Harvard Kennedy School is a closed-enrollment, ten-month postgraduate research fellowship for 1) U.S. military officers who are eligible for senior development education or 2) equivalent civilian officials from the broader intelligence community. Selection for this program is handled internally by the respective military services and federal government agencies.

National Security Fellows have the opportunity to study a wide range of public management and security issues. They belong to a fellowship community that brings other practitioners such as politicians, journalists, diplomats and educators to Harvard. After they leave Cambridge, Fellows continue to take part in a variety of events that are organized regularly for alumni of Harvard Kennedy School.

During the program, Fellows have to opportunity to:

  • Pursue group research projects.
  • Write a paper aimed at senior policymakers.
  • Audit classes at Harvard, MIT and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.
  • Participate in the National Security Fellows Executive Program.
  • Attend guest speaker seminars hosted by the National Security Program and other groups around Harvard, MIT and the Fletcher School.
  • Participate in working groups associated with the various research centers of Harvard, including the:
    • Institute of Politics
    • Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
    • Center for Public Leadership
    • Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard
    • Security studies programs at the Fletcher School and MIT

    For questions on the National Security Fellows program, please contact Jean Woodward at 617- 496-4980 or via email.