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HKS courses are graded A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D, and E; a B average is required for
graduation. Courses with grades of E, UNS, INC, PI, ABS, or AWD will not count toward
graduation. A D is the lowest elective course grade for which students may receive credit
toward graduation. Instructors teaching reading and research courses will award either SAT
(satisfactory) or UNSAT (unsatisfactory) grades; letter grades will not be awarded for these
courses and a SAT grade will not be included in GPA calculation. The Dean’s recommended grading distribution may be found on KNet.

An HKS grade below B- is a failing grade for any required course or distribution
Individual grades will not be released by the HKS Registrar’s Office to students. Unofficial transcripts may be viewed and printed through my.harvard.edu.


If students do not complete the required written assignments for a course and  have instructor approval in writing by the end of the semester’s reading period, they will
be awarded an incomplete (INC) in lieu of a letter grade. Normally, an INC is regarded as a
temporary grade with a deadline to complete the coursework no later than the last day of the
reading period of the next semester. Students may petition one time to extend beyond the
normal date. Students must file a Petition to Extend an Incomplete with the HKS Registrar’s
Office; the petition must be approved and signed by the instructor. The instructor is under no obligation to grant either an INC or any further extension. Once the work is complete
and a letter grade assigned, the instructor will submit a Grade Change Report form to the
HKS Registrar’s Office; the grade will be changed on the student’s transcript. Grades or
grade changes that are submitted after established deadlines are subject to approval by the
Registrar. If the work has not been completed by the deadline or an extension has not been
granted, the INC becomes a Permanent Incomplete (PI) and the course may not be counted
toward graduation. Students who receive an INC for a cross-registered course should check
with the host school’s Office of the Registrar for its policy on INC grades.

Absent/Failure to Drop (ABS)

Absence from a final exam: To receive credit for an HKS course with a final examination,
students must attend the exam unless they are excused prior to the time of the exam by the
HKS Registrar’s Office for serious illness or family emergency; in this case, they also must
inform their program director or the assistant dean for student services and programs of
their expected absence. If students are not excused and fail to sit for the exam, they will
receive an ABS (Absent) grade. This may be converted to a letter grade only if they provide
medical documentation that they were suddenly seriously ill at the time of the exam. In that
circumstance, or in the case of an excused absence, they will be required to take a make-up
exam scheduled by the instructor.

Failure to drop a course: Students who fail to submit a drop petition when dropping a course will receive an ABS grade. Students who receive an ABS or an E grade in two classes ordinarily will be required to withdraw without the possibility of readmission to the School.


Students may not take courses on a pass/fail basis unless the instructor indicates that all
grades in the course will be awarded as either pass or fail. Students who cross-register with
other schools and are given the option of being graded on a pass/fail or letter grade system
must select the letter grade option.


Audits for HKS courses do not appear on student records and are at the discretion of faculty
members. Audits at other schools will not appear on students’ academic records.

Cross-Registered Courses

Students must meet the grade requirements of the school in which the course is offered. See the HKS Registrar’s Office KNet page for details on cross-registration.

Grade Changes

Students may not ask faculty members to review a final grade once it has been submitted to the HKS Registrar’s Office unless there has been a mathematical miscalculation of the grade.

In addition to a grade, how are credits awarded?

Courses are awarded four credits for a term-length course and two credits for a module. There are also several courses labeled “Y;” typically, these courses are equivalent to four credits. They normally span the full academic year; meeting times vary. Students must complete both terms of the course to earn course credit.

Other schools at Harvard use different systems to award credit. Students must understand how many HKS credits they will earn in a cross-registered course. Refer to HKS Registrar’s
Office KNet page for the table of credit equivalencies.