fbpx Directory of Resources | Harvard Kennedy School

Use this directory to find contact information for various offices at Harvard Kennedy School.


All phone number prefixes are 617-49X-XXXX.

Dean 5-1122
Academic Dean 5-5605
Academic Dean for Teaching and Curriculum 5-0390
Admissions and Financial Aid 5-1155
Alumni Programs 5-1394
Associate Dean for Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging 5-1430
Senior Associate Dean for Degree Programs and Student Affairs 6-8382
Campus Planning and Operations 5-1306
Career Advancement 5-1161
Course Assistants 6-2328
Course Materials Distribution Office 5-1372
Financial Aid 5-1155
Forum Office 5-1380
Disability Coordinator 5-0860
Harvard International Office 5-2789
Health Services Member Information 5-2008
Information (HKS) 5-1100
Information Technology 5-1344
Library and Knowledge Services 5-1300
Media Services 5-0493
MPA Programs Director (MPA, MC/MPA, and MC/MPA Mason) 6-4312
MPP Program Director 6-1100
MPA/ID Program Director 5-7799
Doctoral Programs Director 5-1190
Registrar 5-1155
Room Reservations 5-1366
Student Accounts 5-2739
Student Services 6-0905
Student Support Services 5-8935

When an alarm sounds in the School, exit the building immediately through the nearest exit. Move a safe distance from the building and avoid standing near building entrances to allow access for emergency personnel and vehicles.

All phone number prefixes are 617-49X-XXXX.

Harvard Kennedy School Security 5-1330
Urgent Information telephone line 5-1033
University Police Emergency 5-1212
Non-emergency 5-1215
University Health Services for medical or mental health emergencies 5-5711