fbpx General Regulations and Standards | Harvard Kennedy School

As a student at Harvard Kennedy School, you are an integral part of the vibrant Harvard community. In order to foster a welcoming, respectful and rewarding environment for all, the school has outlined your rights and responsibilities as well as important codes of conduct to which we expect all community citizens to adhere.

Achieving the full potential of Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) requires everyone in the HKS community to help build an environment of integrity, professional behavior, learning, and respect. In pursuit of those goals, HKS students are committed to the following:

Exhibiting Honesty and Integrity

  • Abiding by HKS’s Academic Code
  • Representing oneself honestly and accurately, both inside and outside HKS

Acting Professionally

  • Taking responsibility for one’s behavior and for one’s physical and mental well-being
  • Interacting in a mature and responsible manner within HKS and as a representative of HKS in external contexts such as professional interviews and field experiences

Building a Positive Learning Environment

  • Participating constructively and collegially in class and in activities outside of class, so that everyone can do their best work
  • Fostering open and civil discussion by listening to and being open to learning from others
  • Communicating over social media with the same respect as in person

Fostering Mutual Respect

  • Treating all members of our community with civility and respect
  • Appreciating diversity and helping to create an inclusive environment where everyone belongs

NOTE: Specific policies and guidelines for behavioral and academic expectations, violations of some of which could result in discipline, are included in the rest of the student handbook.