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Health care and politics. Inequality and public policy. Economics and disruption.

You see today's most compelling global issues as complex, interrelated, and urgent. You believe that fresh ideas—and research to carry them through—are critical to building stronger communities and a more just world.

In collaboration with Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Harvard Kennedy School immerses you in rigorous learning that bridges academic disciplines and draws from leading faculties across the university’s graduate schools. When you pursue a doctoral degree at HKS, you are among extraordinarily bright minds, you’ll work with committed faculty members who are leaders in their fields, and you’ll have unparalleled access to resources across Harvard University.

“I think in some ways I was really saved by HKS, since I was attracted to study at least two or three disciplines. I knew I wanted to study foreign policy, and I wanted to do it in an interdisciplinary way.”

Photo: Bennett Craig/Belfer Center

Aroop Mukharji PPOL PhD 2020

Prepare yourself for a career in academia or policymaking that demands advanced knowledge of economics, political science, and social policy. Translate your ideas into action that can untangle our world’s unprecedented challenges. Join us.

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