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Our PhD in Political Economy and Government (PEG) students are registered at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and delve into a broad range of research areas during their time at Harvard.

Recent dissertations have examined the rising role of primary elections in Latin American politics, the role of ethnicity and institutions in the political economy of African development, and the microfoundations of economic growth.

Our current PEG students and their areas of interest are listed below.

Ahmet Akbiyik

Political economy of development, distributive politics, migration, and contentious politics.


Environmental economics, industrial organization, and public finance.

Salvador Ascencio Pastora

Political economy, economic development, and public finance. 

Caterina Chiopris

Political economy of inequality, economic history, law and economics, and judicial politics.

Kevin Connolly

Labor economics, health economics, economic history, and the economics of education. 

Antonio Coran

Political economy, public finance, and labor economics.

Kevin DeLuca

American politics, elections, and legislative redistricting. Labor economics with a focus on subjective well-being and time use.

Akshay Dixit

Youth civic engagement, social accountability, and political economy of public service provision.

Raul Duarte

Political economy, economic development, and public finance with specific interests in public service delivery, state capacity, social networks, and clientelism.

José Ramón Enríquez

Political economy of elites with a focus on political dynasties. Political economy of development.

Harris Eppsteiner

Labor economics, public finance, and political economy.

Casey Kearney

International political economy, international finance, economic history, and international trade with a focus on firm heterogeneities.

Martin Koenen

Public finance, labor economics, and political economy. 

Michael-David Mangini

International political economy of trade, institutions, formal theory, and economic history. 

Can Mutlu

Political economy and formal theory.

Casey Petroff

Economic and financial history, political economy, comparative politics, development economics, and commodity markets.

Awa Ambra Seck

Development economics, political economy, and labor economics.

Clara Sievert

Cultural economics, development economics, and economic history.

Hillary Stein

International economics and political economy.

shreya tandon

Development economics, public finance, and political economy.

Saul X. Yang

Economic history and organizational economics.