Our recent PhD Program in Political Economy and Government (PEG) graduates have gone on to take academic positions at Columbia University, Dartmouth College, The London School of Economics and Political Science, Stanford University, Vanderbilt University, Yale University, and other top academic institutions. Others developed analyst or policy careers at the Federal Reserve Bank, World Bank, nongovernmental organizations, and in the private sector.

Contact Placement Directors Matthew Baum and Rema Hanna or the Doctoral Programs Director Nicole Tateosian with questions about our PhD in PEG candidates listed below who are entering the job market.

Pamela Ban

Job Market Paper: Bipartisanship and Bicameralism: A New Inside View of Congressional Committees
Fields: American Politics, Political Methodology
Recommenders: Stephen Ansolabehere, Gary King, Maya SenJim Snyder

Laura Blattner

Job Market Paper: When Losses Turn into Loans: The Cost of Undercapitalized Banks
Fields: Financial Economics, Corporate Finance, Macroeconomics
Recommenders: Jeremy Stein, Adi Sunderam, Gita Gopinath, Matteo Maggiori

John Coglianese

Job Market Paper: The Rise of In-and-outs: Declining Labor Force Participation of Prime Age Men
Fields: Macroeconomics, Labor Economics, Public Economics
Recommenders: Gabriel Chodorow-Reich, Lawrence Katz, James Stock

Andrew Garin

Job Market Paper: How Does Firm Performance Affect Wages? Evidence from Idiosyncratic Export Shocks
Fields: Labor Economics, Public Finance, Urban Economics
Recommenders: Lawrence Katz, Nathan Hendren, Edward Glaeser, Claudia Goldin

Edoardo Teso

Job Market Paper: Patronage in the Allocation of Public Sector Jobs
Fields: Development Economics, Political Economy
Recommenders: Alberto Alesina, Nathan Nunn, Andrew Shleifer, Horacio Larreguy

Jonathan Weigel

Job Market Paper: Building State and Citizen: How Formal Taxation in Congo Engenders Citizen Engagement with the State.
Fields: Political Economy, Development Economics
Recommenders: Horacio Larreguy, Nathan Nunn, Rohini Pande, James Robinson