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Our recent PhD Program in Political Economy and Government (PEG) graduates have gone on to take academic positions at Columbia University, Dartmouth College, The London School of Economics and Political Science, Stanford University, Vanderbilt University, Yale University, and other top academic institutions. Others developed analyst or policy careers at the Federal Reserve Bank, World Bank, nongovernmental organizations, and in the private sector.

Contact Placement Directors Matthew Baum (political science) and Marcella Alsan (economics) or the Doctoral Programs Director Nicole Tateosian with questions about our PhD in PEG candidates listed below who are entering the job market.

Sarah Armitage 

Job Market Paper Title: Technology Transitions and the Timing of Environmental Policy: Evidence from Efficient Lighting
Research fields: Environmental economics, industrial organization, and public finance.
Recommenders: Joseph Aldy, Robin Lee, James StockEdward Glaeser

Kevin Connolly

Job Market Paper Title: How Does Access to College Affect Long-Term Life Outcomes? Evidence from U.S. Openings of Two-Year Public Colleges
Research fields: Labor economics, economics of education, economic history, and health economics
Recommenders: Edward Glaeser, David Cutler, Christopher Avery, Andrei Shleifer 

Enrico Di Gregorio

Job Market Paper Title: Audit Rule Disclosure and Tax Compliance
Research fields: Public finance, political economy and culture.
Recommenders: Stefanie Stantcheva (chair), Nathaniel Hendren, Anders Jensen

Felipe Jordán

Job Market Paper Title: National Courts, Property Rights, and the Transformation of an Indigenous Society
Research fields: Economic development, sustainability, and political economy
Recommenders: Melissa Dell, Rema Hanna, Nathan Nunn, Gautam Rao

Hillary Stein

Job Market Paper Title: Got milk? The effect of export price shocks on exchange rates
Research fields: International finance, macroeconomics, political economy
Recommenders: Kenneth Rogoff (chair), Pol Antràs, Jeremy Stein, Jeffry Frieden

Dissertations and Job Placements
Learn about the dissertations of our PhD in Political Economy and Government graduates and their job placements directly following graduation.