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Our recent PhD in Public Policy (PPOL) graduates have gone on to take academic positions at Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Duke University, Harvard Business School, New York University, Penn State University, Princeton University, Tufts University, University of California, San Diego, and Yale University.

Others developed analyst or policy careers at the Inter-American Development Bank, International Monetary Fund, Millennium Challenge Corporation, United Nations Development Programme, World Bank, and several nongovernmental organizations.

Contact our Placement Directors Matthew Baum (political science) and Rema Hanna (economics) or the Doctoral Programs Director Nicole Tateosian if you have questions about our PPOL candidates listed below who are entering the job market.

Holly Dykstra

Job Market Paper Title: Patience Across the Payday Cycle
Research fields: Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics
Recommenders: Christine Exley, David Laibson, Brigitte Madrian, Ashley Whillans

Marie-Pascale Grimon

Job Market Paper: Effects of the Child Protection System on Parents
Research fields: Labor Economics
Recommenders: Marcella Alsan, Joseph Doyle, Amanda Pallais, Mark Shepard

Blake Heller

Job Market Paper: Immigrant Integration in the United States: The Role of Adult English Language Training
Research fields: Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Economics of Education, Education Policy
Recommenders: Will Dobbie, Claudia Goldin, Joshua Goodman, Thomas Kane, Martin West

Shefali Khanna

Job Market Paper: Short- and Long-Run Consumption and Non-Payment Responses to Retail Electricity Prices in India
Research fields: Energy and Environmental Economics, Development Economics
Recommenders: Jie Bai, Rema Hanna, Christopher Knittel, Robert Stavins

Kunal Mangal

Job Market Paper Title: Chasing Government Jobs: How Aggregate Labor Supply Responds to Public Sector Hiring Policy in India
Research fields: Development Economics, Labor Economics
Recommenders: Emily Breza, Asim Khwaja, Rohini Pande

Gabe Tourek

Job Market Paper Title: Local Elites as State Capacity: How City Chiefs Use Local Information to Increase Tax Compliance in the D.R. Congo
Research fields: Public Economics, Development Economics, Political Economy
Recommenders: Nathan Hendren, Anders JensenAsim Khwaja, Tavneet Suri