fbpx What We Look For | Harvard Kennedy School

“Harvard Kennedy School is a place where we can discuss and learn from each other. The best part is: this experience is not limited to what some of the amazing professors are teaching, but also what the cohort shares with each other.”

Sinan Eraydin, President, CyberMagus LLC

Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education invites and encourages accomplished applicants from a broad range of backgrounds, professional roles, and geographic regions. We welcome the spectrum of thought, perspective, and insight fostered by a diverse global cohort.  

At HKS, we recognize and value that a variety of perspectives results in a wealth of ideas.

Candidates are assessed on the following criteria:


  • Admission is based on a candidate’s record of accomplishment and range of responsibility. Most admitted applicants have at least 10 years of experience.
  • Some select programs are designed for talented emerging leaders. 


  •  We recognize that leaders are formed from a wide-array of experiences; there are no formal educational requirements.


  • Candidates must have fluency in written and spoken English.

Because the curriculum of each program is so distinct, we encourage you to visit the Who Should Apply page for each program to see if it's right for you.