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The Art and Practice of Leadership Development is a week-long executive program that introduces new leadership frameworks and teaching methods. Designed for leadership consultants, teachers and trainers from companies, governments, nonprofits and universities, the curriculum builds upon the extraordinary experience of Faculty Chair Ron Heifetz, fellow program participants and other leadership development experts.

The Art and Practice of Leadership Development curriculum explores:

  • The common assumptions people have about leadership and how these assumptions limit the way they learn and practice leadership
  • How the dynamics of your organization can support or impede leadership development activity
  • The difference between the practice of leadership development and other personal development work
  • The tools available for leadership development
  • The place for values, passion and character in leadership development
  • The ethics of leadership development, especially when using experiential methods
A Unique Approach to Teaching Leadership

This program also offers a distinctive teaching pedagogy, which includes:

Case in Point: This program emphasizes a provocative pedagogy pioneered by program faculty who use the class itself as a case from which everyone can learn about the dynamics of leadership. Taking part in this real-time case study will enable you to experience the “perspirational” as well as the “inspirational” aspects of leadership.

Peer Consultation Groups: The program offers unique frameworks for diagnosing and analyzing leadership dilemmas. You'll consult and receive consultations in small groups about key dilemmas that you face in your own leadership development work.

A considerable amount of time will be dedicated to debriefing and reflection. This will give you the opportunity to look at your own practices in a personal way. And it will help you uncover new ways of thinking about the requirements for strengthening people’s capacity to practice leadership.

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