More than ever, the world needs strong, ethical leaders whose actions and decisions are deeply rooted in sound moral judgement. Exercising leadership untethered from any ethical considerations poses significant risks across communities, organizations, and countries.

Moral Leadership: Creating Positive Change from the Ground Up is an innovative 1-day Harvard Kennedy School program that combines insights from public narrative, authentic leadership, and adaptive leadership to introduce a new model of leadership emphasizing a person’s ability to lead irrespective of his or her level of authority.

Moral Leadership:
Creating Positive Change from the Ground Up

Date: May 18, 2018
Faculty Chair: Chris Robichaud
Location: Harvard Kennedy School
Registration Deadline: April 18, 2018
Fee: $500

This leadership framework empowers individuals and communities to solve challenges that resist technical or traditional managerial methods. It builds the capacity for a community to interrogate and develop its own values while tolerating the difficult moral trade-offs that inevitably arise when having to make hard decisions in real-world situations. It also advances a theory of practical ethics, informed by the burgeoning field of moral psychology, which challenges the idea that our values are transparent to us and that we hold them without ambivalence.


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Led by Harvard Kennedy School professor Chris Robichaud, Moral Leadership: Creating Positive Change from the Ground Up is a 1-day executive program being offered for HKS alumni.  Here, you will explore a completely different brand of leadership that stresses what someone does, rather than who someone is. Examine a framework that doesn’t focus on those at the top, but rather on those individuals working diligently at the ground level, inspiring change, and producing positive, powerful results.

The program will include both lectures and case study sessions and feature innovative simulations and participatory learning. For one extraordinary day, you and your fellow Harvard Kennedy School peers will be immersed in a stimulating and dynamic environment discovering what engaged moral leadership looks like in the 21st century. You’ll strengthen critical skills, gain new perspective, and learn how to make an even greater difference.