Carol Fulp Reflects on Her HKS Executive Education Experience

Carol Fulp
Carol Fulp
President & CEO, 
The Partnership, Inc.

The Partnership, Inc. is a Boston-based nonprofit that helps organizations build racially and ethnically diverse leadership pipelines. Carol attended Strategies for Building and Leading Diverse Organizations executive education program in 2017.

Why did you choose to attend a Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education program?

The issue of diversity is complex and critical in our businesses and institutions today. How organizations manage it can result in their overall success or failure. Innovative leaders must apply cutting edge diversity practices and tools in their organizations to remain competitive. The research and insights provided by the faculty chair, Dr. Livingston, allow one to approach diversity from a business perspective enabling organizations to succeed given our changing demographics and increasing global marketplace.

What would you consider the key takeaways from the program?

The rich research. The depth and breadth of the faculty and curriculum. The diverse participants by industry and the real life experiences they brought to the program.

How have you implemented lessons from your executive program upon returning to your organization?

I have subsequently created Race Dialogues at The Partnership. These forums provide a research and educational component as well as panel discussion and Q&A focusing on how to navigate race in the workplace. These forums have been embedded in our curriculum for our 350 annual participants and have been offered externally to corporate and community members.

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