Executive Education Alumnus Named New City of Cambridge Police Commissioner

The recently appointed City of Cambridge police commissioner is certainly familiar with his new turf. Just last year, Branville G. Bard Jr. attended the Harvard Kennedy School executive program, Emerging Leaders. The session made a strong impression on him. 

"The practical exercises from Faculty Chairs Chris Robichaud and Elaine Kamarck were particularly enlightening," he says. "I also took a great deal away from Robert Wilkinson's class on negotiation; I found it beneficial and have successfully utilized principles learned during that session."

Branville joined the Cambridge Police Department in August following two years as chief of police and director of public safety for the Philadelphia Housing Authority.

Why did Branville, who has nearly 25 years of professional experience along with a Master of Science and PhD in Public Administration, decide to earn a certificate at HKS? "I believe that learning is a lifelong process," he says. "Spending time with leaders from around the world, in a world-class institution of higher learning like Harvard, proved both educational and inspirational. Its cost was only a fraction of its real-world value." 

According to a 2015 Philadelphia Tribune profile, Branville's doctoral studies "focused in part on racial profiling, racially-biased policing, immigration, the Bill of Rights, and public policy." Given his areas of interest, he seems ideally suited for his new role. 

"I truly believe that the 'Cambridge' way of policing serves as a national model, and I am thankful to have this opportunity," Branville says.