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Budgeting in a Time of Crisis

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Executive Certificate: This program is part of the Economic Development and Public Policy Executive Certificate series.

schedule exampleGovernments across the world are facing a major budgeting crisis in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This crisis raises important questions:

  • How do governments manage revenue shortfalls?
  • How do you address new expenditure demands?
  • How do you forecast in the presence of multiple uncertainties?

All of these questions, and more, need to be addressed in the few months governments have left to develop their 2021 budgets. However, many of the processes and approaches to budgeting do not hold in this current circumstance; which means  new techniques  and methods for budgeting in times of crisis are necessary.

Budgeting in a Time of Crisis garners lessons from past crises, as well as cutting-edge thinking about the COVID-19 situation, to offer budgeting professionals new ideas and perspectives to apply in developing 2021 budget proposals.

These ideas relate to  technical and  political processes of delivering a budget (how do you forecast and build a budget technically in this trying time AND how do you communicate and engage with others about this budget) and also to the challenge of implementing that budget in coming years (what kind of flexibility might you need, what information do you need to collect, how can you manage expectations). 

Hear from Faculty Chair Matt Andrews

Professor Matt Andrews discusses his upcoming online program, Budgeting in a Time of Crisis.