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Climate Change and Energy: Policymaking for the Long Term is a six-day executive program led by distinguished Harvard professor and leading climate expert, Robert Stavins.

You will join with other public-policy makers and corporate leaders from around the world in an intellectually-stimulating learning environment to gain greater insight into climate change and the policy challenges it presents. Lectures, class discussions, case studies and group work will examine new policy perspectives distilled from cutting-edge research.

You'll also learn analytical tools and study conceptual frameworks, all of which will help you understand:

  • The scientific basis of climate change—its causes and consequences
  • The economics underlying effective policy to address climate change
  • The design and implementation of policies at the sub-national, national, regional (groups of nations) and global levels to address climate change
  • Approaches for communities and nations to adapt to climate change and to make their infrastructure more resilient in the face of a warming and disrupted climate
  • The sometimes conflicting imperatives of economic development—especially in developing countries—and of reducing emissions that cause climate change
  • The nature of the transformation in energy systems that will be required to mitigate climate change
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