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Climate Change Policy: Economics and Politics

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Program Director: Ariana Diaz
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Executive Certificate: This program is part of the Economic Development and Public Policy Executive Certificate series.

Climate Change Policy: Economics and Politics is an online executive program developed by Harvard Kennedy School faculty to address the significant challenge of climate change and its impacts on the environment, as well as society and the global economy. Through an engaging virtual curriculum, participants will explore potential policies to address climate change; why some governments might choose to address climate change more or less vigorously; and how sub-national governments and non-governmental actors might complement action by national governments.

Led by Professor Robert Stavins, this interactive program is designed for managers, analysts, and leaders from government, corporations, and non-governmental organizations from around the world. This five-day executive program will provide:

  •  Deep insights into the science, economics, and policy of climate change
  •  Cutting-edge research from the field
  •  Analytical tools and conceptual frameworks to better understand climate-related policies