A Course in Exponential Fundraising is a year-long engagement that will introduce you and other nonprofit leaders to a new model of fundraising that is more connective, co-creative and resource rich. The curriculum builds upon the extraordinary experience of fellow program participants, Harvard Kennedy School faculty, nonprofit experts and philanthropists.

The program begins with an intensive week-long on-campus session in which the principles of exponential fundraising will be shared in both a didactic and experiential discovery model. Faculty Chair Jennifer McCrea and other speakers will lead the class in both “seed-talk” and case review and discussion. You'll also spend time in group conversation and experiential “workshop” sessions conducted in small cohorts.

At the conclusion of the on-campus program, you'll work with Professor McCrea and in small groups to develop goals and implementation strategies for your own organization. Results will be rigorously monitored.

Ongoing Discussion and Debate

The class will reconvene over the following year with three additional web-based meetings that will expand and deepen the practice of exponential fundraising. Small groups will meet regularly between sessions to assess progress, provide support and address any challenges you may face in adapting and implementing the practice.

A Course in Exponential Fundraising will:

  • Expand your knowledge of exponential fundraising and its power to transform people and organizations.
  • Activate a more intentional approach to partnership-building and the collaborative fundraising process.
  • Identify prospective leadership partners, capture their attention, build a collaborative partnership, activate resources and deepen their commitment.
  • Understand common mistakes and obstacles that block resource flow and success.
  • Set specific goals for implementation of exponential fundraising principles and practices in your organization.
  • Form a community of inquiry to explore the principles of exponential fundraising and its impact on individual organizations and the wider nonprofit sector.

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