Led by Harvard Kennedy School Professor Mark Moore and other Harvard faculty members, Creating Collaborative Solutions: Innovations in Governance includes lectures, class discussions, group work and networking opportunities.

At the heart of your learning experience will be an individual real-world project which focuses on solving a challenge from your current environment. During your time here, you will work through this problem in small group sessions, developing strategies based on feedback and guidance from faculty members and fellow colleagues.

Further, Creating Collaborative Solutions makes extensive use of the case study method pioneered at Harvard. You and your classmates will be presented with a real-world situation that places them in the role of the decision-maker. Through analysis of the experience and interactive discussions about the critical choices made by key players along the way, you will gain valuable insights, training and practice in making challenging leadership decisions about actual situations in real time.

The Creating Collaborative Solutions curriculum focuses on:

  • Strategic Management in the Public Sector: creating “public value propositions” that command legitimacy and support from a variety of stakeholders
  • Adaptive Leadership: anticipating, embracing and shaping change to mobilize the full resources of a community to deal with the problems it faces
  • Public Sector Innovation: developing new, operational methods and governance arrangements that can increase the capacity of a society to deal with both emergent and intransigent problems
  • Principled Negotiation: going beyond positional bargaining to build strong, resilient relationships with key partners
  • Political Innovation: finding new ways to identify and engage stakeholders in order to better define problems, and identify and build support for effective solutions
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