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Creating Public Value

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Program Director: Erica Lane
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Program Fee: The program fee includes tuition and curricular materials.
Executive Certificate: This program is part of the Nonprofit Leadership and Public Leadership Executive Certificate series.
Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs): This program aligns with the "Results Driven" criteria for the Executive Core Qualifications.

Individual material interests and financial values are increasingly dominating today's world. In this context, it's easy to lose sight of the important collective interests and public values that government is entrusted to protect, advance, and secure. It's even easier to miss the crucial contribution that public leaders and managers make toward achieving these important social purposes.

Creating Public Value will highlight the importance of this work and help public leaders and managers improve their performance in guiding their societies to define and create public value. Led by Harvard Professor Mark Moore, this nine-week online program will strengthen your capacities to develop and use a "restless, value-seeking imagination" to give meaning and impact to your work. You'll also learn to imagine, test, adapt, and actively pursue a public value proposition that uses the distinctive assets of government to help create societies that are prosperous as well as sociable and just.

Hear from Faculty Chair Mark Moore

Mark Moore discusses the concept and history of public value.

Taking advantage of the best thinking from both the private and public sectors, the program will help you:

  • Analyze situations in which you find yourself to better identify risks and opportunities
  • Imagine a value-creating path to the future that is both feasible and legitimate
  • Develop performance metrics to help monitor and adapt your ideas as you strive towards improved value creation

Over the nine-week period, participants will examine the dual roles they play as citizens and public managers in authorizing, financing, helping to produce, and enjoying or suffering the consequences of government action. In addition, you will explore how government could use its various modes of contact with citizens to further engage them in democratic governance.