fbpx Creating Public Value: Curriculum | Harvard Kennedy School

This program includes eight modules that you'll complete sequentially, plus one live interactive session with Professor Moore. Each module features video lectures, essential readings, one assignment, and one reflection exercise. You'll also be expected to develop and test a public value proposition that you could plausibly implement in your particular situation.

The different pedagogic methods in Creating Public Value are designed to produce learning at two different levels. One level will focus on improving your observational, analytical, and cognitive skills, such as:

  • How to define and measure the public value you seek to produce in philosophical, political, and technical terms, and how to use the concepts and measures for managerial purposes
  • How to build legitimacy and support for your public value proposition among those who will be asked to authorize, finance, and help produce it, including citizens, taxpayers, elected representatives, special interest groups, the media, and clients of government
  • How to deliver public value using the collectively owned assets of government through a public value chain that links inputs, production processes and outputs (often transactions with clients) to achieve publicly desired improvements in individual and social conditions

The second level of learning will focus on the moral and behavioral challenges that arise as you seek to create more public value for the society for which you're working. These are the parts of the job that test your character as well as your analytic skills. To advance this goal, we'll ask you to reflect frequently on what you're learning, and to bring it into your own life and career.

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