A Cutting Edge of Economic Development offers you the opportunity to play an integral role in discussions and interactive sessions about how to approach the rethinking of development paradigms. Themes covered during the program include: 

  • Enhancing Economic Complexity: Examine the latest thinking on the nature of economic growth as driven by structural transformation—a process by which cities or countries diversify their productive know-how in order to produce new and increasingly more complex goods and services. What constrains growth, then, is the speed of technology adoption to add new know-how, which differs depending on societal conditions and the policies that countries and cities can utilize to achieve new growth and prosperity.
  • Growth Diagnostics: Learn how the nature of the world as one—where productive inputs are complements and all inputs must be present together in order for an activity to occur—means that what restricts growth is not a laundry list of actions, but the input in shortest supply: the binding constraint. The program will teach you how to reimagine strategy—using the method of a differential diagnosis to identify the binding constraint amongst many distortions that may limit project success. You will also discover how policy and team interventions can relax the constraint in a given context to unlock unrealized growth.
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