Anna Sadecka Reflects on Her HKS Executive Education Experience

Anna Sadecka is a Head of International Relations for the University of Warsaw, Poland. Anna’s executive education experience includes attending Crisis Leadership in Higher Education.

Why did you choose to attend an HKS Executive Education program?

In these challenging times of a pandemic, social and political unrest, and the war across my country’s border, our university faces novel and emergent risks on a daily basis. Given the difficult decisions that now need to be made more often than ever, I wanted a program that would equip me with effective new frameworks and tools to strengthen my ability to improvise and help solve these problems in real time.

What would you consider the key takeaways of the program?

I learned that in times of crises, effective communication is of critical importance. This program provided a range of practical tips and skills we could use to solve really tough problems by sticking to proven rules and principles. Being able to collaborate with people from different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives also helped build my competencies and enhance my knowledge, attitudes and thought process.

How have you implemented the lessons from Crisis Leadership in Higher Education at your institution?

The program has turned out to be extremely useful and effective in my everyday duties, especially given the real-life ramifications of the Russia-Ukraine war. For example, I was better prepared to apply improvisation and process while assisting Ukrainian students and scholars who were fleeing their homeland.

How would you describe the value of the HKS Executive Education to someone who is considering attending a program?

Participating in Crisis Leadership in Higher Education was a unique and highly enriching experience in terms of the opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge, skills and capabilities, and in its practical applications. The online format of the program made it possible for a more inclusive participation of a wide range of colleagues from all over the world. It was inspiring and eye-opening to interact with such a diverse cohort.


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