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Saikat Chatterjee 
Saikat Chatterjee 
Senior policy program manager,  Google

As a senior policy program manager at Google, Saikat Chatterjee manages projects across geographies and sectors to drive impact for Google’s users, partners, and the ecosystem. In 2018, Saikat attended the Cybersecurity: The Intersection of Policy and Technology executive education program looking for new perspectives on how to approach problems creatively and take his work to the next level.

Question: What motivated you to attend a Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education program?

Saikat: When I first read about the Cybersecurity: The Intersection of Policy and Technology executive program, I thought it approached the topic of cybersecurity in a unique way by bringing together academics, technologists, and policymakers. The program gives the diverse cohort an opportunity to leverage a conceptual framework, ideate, and brainstorm together. After finishing the program, I got exactly that and much more.

What was your key take away from the Cybersecurity program?

What’s great and refreshing about this HKS executive program is that both the experienced teaching faculty and the distinguished participants are really passionate and committed to solving real cybersecurity problems in their respective areas. They are excited to collaborate and approach these issues academically and with HKS alumni. As a result, the program feels like more than just a course - it is a beginning of a strong, everlasting collaboration.

How have you implemented lessons upon returning to Google?

The program has made me much more aware of the various perspectives, when it comes to cybersecurity. I have not only shared some of my learnings and experiences with my colleagues and friends but I guess, I've also inspired them to look for similar opportunities to collaborate across the industry. As far as day-to-day work is concerned, the program has certainly made me realize the possibilities of taking my work to the next level and has strengthened my commitment towards a larger goal.

What would you say to someone who is considering attending an executive program at HKS?

HKS Executive Education gives you an incredible opportunity to collaborate with the most driven group of people – from world-renowned teaching faculty to a truly passionate group of participants, all of whom are inspiring leaders in their own fields. If you are looking for some inspiration, education, and everlasting friendship, this opportunity should not be missed.