Executive Education Alumnus Appointed Honduras' Ambassador to the U.S.


In January 2017, the President of Honduras appointed HKS Executive Education alumnus Marlon Tábora Muñoz as ambassador to the United States. Tábora, a participant in several executive programs, has long played a central role in Honduran society, having served as an Executive Director for the Inter-American Development Bank, the President of the Central Bank of Honduras and an Economic Cabinet coordinator. He has maintained close ties to the Kennedy School and sought warmer relations between Honduras and the U.S.

Tábora's experience at Harvard Kennedy School has had a profound impact on his professional career. He notes “HKS has taught me the importance of quality public service, especially in small countries like Honduras, where building key capacities and strong institutions is paramount. My time at the school has made me a different professional.” His efforts demonstrate the important role Kennedy School graduates play across the globe.