Executive Education alumna becomes the first woman Adjutant General of Maryland

Major General Linda L. Singh, a 2015 Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education alumna, has led an extraordinary life. A former high school dropout and onetime runaway, Maj. Gen. Singh now serves her country as the 29th Adjutant General of Maryland—the first woman to ever hold that position. Maj. Gen. Singh has worked her way through the leadership ranks, joining the military at age 17 and eventually earning her bachelors and master’s degrees. She went on to become Accenture's Managing Director of Health and Public Service, North America.

In Maj. Gen. Singh’s current role as Adjutant General, she serves as a senior advisor to the governor of Maryland and is responsible for the daily operations of the state’s military department, including leading the Maryland National Guard during the 2015 Baltimore riots.

Major General Linda L. Singh is an alumna of the General and Flag Officer Homeland Security Executive Seminar (GFOS) and regularly returns to Harvard Kennedy School as a guest speaker, sharing her lessons in leadership with participants in both the GFOS and the Leadership in Homeland Security executive programs.