Major General Chikezie Ude Reflects on His HKS Executive Education Experience 

Major General Chikezie Ude is the force commander of the Multinational Joint Task Force of the Nigerian Army. Chikezie attended the Senior Executives in National and International Security executive education program in 2017.

Why did you choose to attend a Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education program?

I chose to attend Senior Executives in National and International Security to gain comparative experience in higher management of defense and security.

What would you consider the key takeaways from the program?

I returned to my role with a better,  broader understanding of the defense policies of nations as well as an in-depth knowledge of contemporary international defense and security issues.

How have you implemented lessons from your executive program upon returning to your organization?

The program helped me to build a stronger coalition in the fight against terrorist groups in my region.

How would you describe the value of HKS Executive Education to someone who is considering attending a program?


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