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Bringing New Economic Growth to Agriculture in Australia         

Leading Economic Growth alumnus perspective
Fabio Nave
Fabio Nave
Investment Director for 
Australian Trade and
Investment Commission

Photo Credit: Daniel Campos

For Australia, agribusiness is a pillar of the economy and its growth is vital to the country’s economic prosperity. Fabio Nave, a recent alumnus of the Leading Economic Growth executive program, works to promote Australia agribusiness in the global market in his role as Investment Director for the Australian Trade and Investment Commission.

“In my role, I need to develop projects that support the economic development of regional Australia while also introducing new skills, new capability, and technology transfer that will further integrate us into global supply chains,” says Fabio. “With these ventures, it is very important for me to be in constant training and updated on the latest trends.”

New varieties of crops, public investments in infrastructure, updated regulations, and new technologies for water usage and farm management are transforming the sector in Northern Australia and attracting international investors who hope to take advantage of the region's strategic location and market access to Asia. Increasing demand for Australian produce from Asian neighbors (especially China, Korea, Japan and Indonesia), which currently account for two-thirds of all Australian agricultural exports, is fueling investment in the sector.

In the Leading Economic Growth executive program, Fabio along with other practitioners from around the globe learned practical approaches to shared growth and development. With these tools, Fabio hopes to better chart the road ahead for increased success of Australian agribusiness.

“The content of Leading Economic Growth was very relevant to my role within my organization,” says Fabio. “Along with the reputation of Harvard Kennedy School and the network of international contacts, attending the program was very important for the development of my career.”

Fabio Nave in Australia
Northern Territory (Australia) with a group of Brazilian farmers
Photo credit: Linda Lee

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