Daoud Bourma
Daoud Bourma, Founder and Executive Director of Africans Diaspora, USA (ADUSA) and Head of Operations at Bensinger Technology

Daoud Bourma, who recently completed the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) Executive Education program Persuasive Communication: Narrative, Evidence, and Impact (PCNEI), is managing an extremely busy schedule. Not only does he serve as Head of Operations at Bensinger Technology, an IT and Cybersecurity company based in New York City, but he is also the Founder and Executive Director of Africans Diaspora, USA (ADUSA), whose mission is to support individuals of African descent in the U.S., particularly refugees and migrants, by providing essential resources such as food, clothing, and mentorship.

Despite his two full time roles, Daoud recognized the significance of being able to convey his organization’s goals and message clearly, which led him to PCNEI.  “I attended an HKS Executive Education program for many reasons, but mainly to gain leadership and persuasive communication skills, in order to deliver my message with ease and clarity, and have a positive impact in the world,” he said. “As a leader, we are expected to convey a clear, persuasive, and concise message that energizes our people to get things done. I use the toolkit provided to me by HKS to mobilize folks to join me and achieve ADUSA'S mission.”

Born and raised in Chad, Central Africa, Daoud’s motivations for founding ADUSA are deeply personal. When he eventually relocated to the U.S., it wasn’t an easy transition. “The first four years were tough to navigate. Luckily for me, I received help from some nonprofit organizations and people that helped me overcome the difficulties I faced,” he said. “I hope through ADUSA, we will be able to accomplish a breakthrough for people in similar situations and give them a helping hand to achieve their potential.” 

Persuasive and clear communication is key when starting any business or organization, but especially one with a mission as critical as ADUSA. Through his time at PCNEI, Daoud was able to hone his messaging, allowing him to express ADUSA’s vision in the most effective way possible. His opinion on the value of PCNEI is just as clear: “It's priceless. It pays dividends sooner than anyone expects, and is absolutely worth the time and effort,” he said. “I recommend it to everyone!”

As ADUSA continues to drive incredible change on its current path, Daoud has plans for even more widespread influence throughout the continent. “Beyond our borders, ADUSA aims to make a meaningful impact on communities in Africa through comprehensive initiatives,” he said. “Our focus areas include water and sanitation projects, livelihood opportunities, health services, education programs, agricultural development, food security initiatives, and the provision of shelter. By addressing these fundamental needs, we aspire to create sustainable and positive change in the lives of those we serve. The plan is to be able to serve everyone. We are going to be in every country in Africa.”