HKS Faculty Webcast Series
This webcast aired on August 19, 2020

Explore the value of an economic perspective on climate change with "What Can an Economist Possibly Have to Say About Climate Change Policy?" hosted by Professor Robert Stavins. 

Robert Stavins

Robert N. Stavins is the A.J. Meyer Professor of Energy & Economic Development, director of graduate studies for the doctoral programs in public policy and in political economy and government, co-chair of the MPP/MBA and MPA/ID/MBA joint degree programs, and faculty chair of the Climate Change Policy: Economics and Politics executive program. He is the director of the Harvard Environmental Economics Program and the Harvard Project on Climate Agreements. Professor Stavins is also a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research, a university fellow of Resources for the Future, former Chair of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agencys Environmental Economics Advisory Board, and a member of the editorial councils of scholarly periodicals.