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The Implementing Public Policy  will be delivered online over a period of five months and includes several components, all designed to focus on your individual implementation challenge and engage you with your peers from around the world. The first eight weeks will focus on identifying and understanding your challenge while learning the frameworks and tools for successful implementation. The remaining 12 weeks revolve around action learning, applying this to your own implementation challenge and reflecting on your work and progress.

Self-paced Sessions
These recorded sessions introduce implementation frameworks such as plan and control, facilitated emergence, and Problem Driven Iterative Adaptation (PDIA), as well as tools and strategies to help make implementation successful.

Live Faculty Sessions
Led by Faculty Chair Matt Andrews and other Implementing Public Policy faculty, these sessions build upon the topics in the self-study sessions.

Live Peer Group Sessions
Assigned small peer groups made up of your classmates from around the world, facilitated by an Implementing Public Policy coach are designed for you to share experiences and support each other on your learning journey.

Individual assignments focused on connecting the learnings to your individual implementation challenge and reflecting on your learning journey throughout the program.

Community of Practice 
Upon completing the program, you will become part of Harvard Kennedy School’s Implementing Public Policy community of practice, a productive network of professionals committed to improving public policy implementation around the world. You will engage with each other through an online portal to share your practice, challenges, successes and failures. Our goal is to see this community grow into the most vibrant source of global knowledge on public policy implementation anywhere, and the most effective network of professionals working on these important issues. 

Access a draft program schedule here.

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