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Leadership for the 21st Century: Chaos, Conflict and Courage is intended for senior executives in government, corporate and nonprofit organizations who wish to better understand the personal aspects of leadership and to improve their capacity to lead. Participants will be challenged in new and unexpected ways. Because the participants’ own professional challenges and experiences are critical to the learning process, we will choose a class that is professionally and geographically diverse.

Recommended applicants include:

  • Senior public officials at the national, state and local level
  • Corporate executives, including C-level, vice president and director
  • Nonprofit and NGO leaders

You should come prepared to exercise leadership in the classroom, help shape class conversation, and identify and question your own firmly held ideas about leadership. Since leadership is alive and well in any classroom setting, class dynamics will play an integral role in the program’s curriculum.

Hear from Participants

Participants from the Leadership for the 21st Century program discuss their experience at Harvard at what they took away from the program.