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Leadership in Crises is a one-week executive program led by Faculty Chairs Arnold Howitt and Dutch Leonard, two leading experts in crisis management. The program features intensive, interactive discussions using the Harvard case study method, supplemented by lectures, exercises and small-group work.

The case studies give you exposure to real-world issues and help you work through possible approaches and solutions to problems that actual managers have confronted. It is case teaching that reveals the power of a diverse learning group and makes for open and lively classroom discussion.

Morning small-group discussions allow you to work more collaboratively and intensively on the day’s readings, as well as provide an opportunity for “peer consulting” on a particular issue that you're facing.

    Leadership in Crises will examine:

    • The necessity of two modes of emergency operation—for routine emergencies and crises
    • Achieving the multiple dimensions of situational awareness
    • Coordination in complex, multi-organizational, multi-jurisdictional events
    • Getting the most from training and exercises
    • The roles and relationships of senior operational leaders

    Samples of cases used during Leadership in Crises include:

    • Emergency Response System Under Duress: The Public Health Fight to Contain SARS in Toronto
    • "Almost a Worst-Case Scenario": The Baltimore Tunnel Fire of 2001
    • Command Performance: County Firefighters Take Charge of the 9/11 Pentagon Emergency
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