fbpx Leadership in Crises: Who Should Apply | Harvard Kennedy School

Leadership in Crises draws on its participants' deep knowledge resulting in one of the strongest features of the course. Classes are made up of experienced professionals, which fosters a spirit of lively and informed conversation.

Recommended applicants include:

  • Local, state and federal officials in departments including but not limited to public works, public health, emergency medicine, transportation, homeland security and education
  • Elected officials who oversee emergency preparedness or participate in crisis response
  • Senior leaders of first-response agencies
  • Foreign Service, State Department, and other federal officials who craft or carry out responses to international humanitarian and diplomatic crises
  • Active-duty military, Coast Guard, National Guard, or reserves who play roles in planning for or responding to disasters
  • Executives in the corporate and nonprofit sectors with responsibility for disaster planning, management or recovery, or those who oversee large public events