fbpx Leadership Decision Making: Curriculum | Harvard Kennedy School

Jennifer Lerner, Harvard Kennedy School Professor and Co-founder of the Harvard Decision Science Laboratory, leads this program in collaboration with other world-renowned Harvard faculty from a variety of academic backgrounds. Participants will also hear from distinguished guest speakers, including cabinet-level officials, former CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, and advisors to U.S. presidents. Drawing on theories and evidence from psychology, behavioral economics, and neuroscience, the program presents cutting-edge research and translates scientific discoveries into practical strategies through seminars, cases, and decision exercises.

    The curriculum focuses on key areas that drive organizational performance, including:

    • Reducing decision biases in your organization
    • Communicating risk accurately and effectively
    • Sharpening negotiation skills
    • Increasing forecast accuracy, especially for low-probability, potentially catastrophic events
    • Understanding the role of emotion in judgment and decision making
    • Designing smart accountability systems for judgment and decision making
    • Gaining support for your decisions
    • Leveraging big data to improve judgments and decisions
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