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Leading Smart Policy Design: Optimizing Evidence to Drive Organizational Success

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Program Fee: The program fee includes tuition, housing, curricular materials and most meals.
Executive Certificate: This program is part of the Public Leadership and Public Policy Executive Certificate series.

Optimizing Evidence To Drive Organizational Success

Organizations that commit to harnessing data and evidence to learn and innovate are more likely to design and administer successful and sustainable policies and programs that can improve lives. Twenty-first century technology, and increasing complex global issues like the COVID-19 pandemic, are dramatically altering the environments in which organizations operate. Experience and intuition are no longer sufficient to guarantee success. Real-time information is ever more abundant, and making rapid sense of how to use data is critical to effective work. Organizations today must gain new tools to create responsive, data-driven strategies that result in continuous improvements. 

Leading Smart Policy Design is a new executive program for leaders and their teams charged with designing and delivering policies or programs that address social and economic problems around the world. It provides practical frameworks for analysis and hands-on experience using a smart, systematic, and collaborative approach to theory- and data- driven innovation. 

The program teaches the Smart Policy Design and Implementation (SPDI) approach. Developed by experienced researchers and practitioners at Harvard Kennedy School’s Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD) research program, the use of this approach has dramatically improved programmatic results in policy settings around the world, including in the United States, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Uganda. Now more than ever, using smart approaches that allow for quick, data-informed decisions is a critical step in addressing issues around the world.

Rema Hanna Discusses Leading Smart Policy Design

Hear from Rema Hanna, Faculty Chair of the new executive program Leading Smart Policy Design