Leading Successful Programs: Using Evidence to Assess Effectiveness is a one-week executive program introducing managers to a set of tools and strategies for using evidence to evaluate the effectiveness of their programs.

You and your peers will immerse yourselves in a highly engaging, evidence-based learning environment that features a range of interactive activities, including case studies, discussions, exercises, presentations and readings. The curriculum provides an in-depth look at key aspects of understanding and implementing evidence-based strategies.

Further, this program makes extensive use of the case study method, which was pioneered at Harvard. Each case describes an actual situation and serves as a stimulus for you and your classmates to think through possible approaches and solutions to real-world problems. You'll reflect upon your professional experiences and meet daily in small groups and in class to discuss cases and exchange ideas.

Alumni Perspecitive

The program provided me with the missing link in using evidence to get results.

Program Alumnus

The Leading Successful Programs curriculum will explore:

  • The big questions you need to ask about the effectiveness of programs in your organization
  • How to decide what data should be collected, and when
  • The kinds of evaluations and other forms of assessment you should conduct
  • The key methods to evaluate the impact of programs and when each should be used
  • How you should make decisions about which programs to assess
  • The role of randomized experiments in evaluating the impact of a program
  • How you can make sense of mixed method evaluations and then integrate quantitative and qualitative information to design and implement better programs

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