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Leading through the Changing Media Landscape (Online) is a new executive program designed to equip leaders in the public and private sector to be more successful in today’s media environment.

During the past few years, our understanding of truth, trust, and communication has been upended by a combination of technological, social and political forces. We are in the midst of historic media transformation, which is posing unprecedented challenges for leaders like you.

Convincing data and compelling ideas are no longer enough for leaders to prevail in the public square. In our disrupted, distracted and polarized media environment, success depends on your ability to reach audiences with a clear message and deflect networked disinformation campaigns. The good news is, however, with the right expertise, practical tools, and latest insights, leaders can be more effective navigating this complex and evolving environment.

Led by Faculty Chair Nancy Gibbs, former Editor In Chief of TIME, Leading through the Changing Media Landscape will equip you with strategies and techniques to be more successful in an age of disinformation and mistrust.

Professor Gibbs will be joined by leading experts and scholars for an unforgettable learning experience with a global cohort of your peers.

For more information on dates, times, and session content, please view the sample 2022 program schedule.

illustration of scheduleLearning Goals:

  • Gain a sophisticated understanding of today’s dynamic media ecosystem and how to navigate it
  • Acquire practical tools to overcome specific challenges within the media environment
  • Learn new ways to communicate more effectively, both within your organization and externally with stakeholders and the broader public
  • Gain deeper insight into how trust, polarization, mis- and dis-information, news deserts, and algorithms shape the media environment
  • Examine how the “attention economy”, emotion, and psychological bias, affect information processing
  • Improve communication strategies across differences
  • Explore global trends in and challenges with social and media platforms including accountability issues

This is a unique online program that will immerse you and your global peers in a stimulating, interactive learning environment with a renowned teaching team. With a curriculum that combines faculty-led sessions, peer-to-peer learning, small group workshops, individual  assignments, and robust class discussions, you will strengthen the critical skills needed to lead more effectively amidst a rapidly changing media landscape.

Throughout the two-week program, you will deepen your understanding of the factors that have transformed today’s information environment and those that continue to shape it every day. Considering these changes, you will also learn how to be more effective in your daily work using actionable intelligence, cutting-edge research findings, and proven tools. 


"Leading Through the Changing Media Landscape is perfectly aligned with the times. In this age of misinformation, it was great to learn how to keep the rising tide of fake news from drowning our democracy among so many other great lessons.”

Brenda Duran, Strategic Communications Executive, LA County
Bullet Down

Hear from Professor Nancy Gibbs

Faculty Chair Nancy Gibbs discusses the new Leading through the Changing Media Landscape executive program.