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Mastering Trade Policy: Understanding and Acting in Today's Economy

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Program Director: Sergei Konoplyov
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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 session of this program has been cancelled. We are now accepting applications to the 2021 session.

Program Fee: The program fee includes tuition, housing, curricular materials and most meals.
Executive Certificate: This program is part of the Economic Development and Public Policy Executive Certificate series.

Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs): This program aligns with one or more Executive Core Qualifications.

Globalization has made trade policy a more prominent and complex sphere of public policy. Policymakers, analysts, business people and activists must deal simultaneously with initiatives at the national, bilateral, regional and multilateral levels.

No longer confined to tariffs and quotas, trade policy is completely linked to a nation’s social and environmental policies—not to mention a country’s overall development strategy.

Designed for All Trade Practitioners

Mastering Trade Policy: Understanding and Acting in Today’s Economy is a blended learning executive program that teaches you how to analyze, formulate, negotiate and implement effective policies and practices in your field. Through a combination of online content and one-week on the historic Harvard campus, this trade policy program offers a practical approach that emphasizes the core competencies of successful practitioners as well as the latest political and policy developments in the field. Current issues include technological frontiers in intellectual property rights, biotechnology and genetically modified organisms and the need to make the system better for economic development.

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Mastering Trade Policy will provide you with:

  • An enhanced understanding of the relationship between economics and trade policy
  • An advanced skill set in negotiations
  • A deeper knowledge of the institutions and rules of international trade
  • The capacity to integrate theory and practice in all of these areas

Hear from Faculty Chair Robert Lawrence

Learn more about the program from Faculty Chair Robert Lawrence, the Albert L Williams Professor of International Trade and Investment at Harvard Kennedy School.