fbpx Mobilizing Your Nonprofit Board: Curriculum | Harvard Kennedy School

The program is organized into four two-week modules, each exploring a critical aspect of effective boards through a combination of cornerstone concepts that help you assess and respond to your board’s unique needs; a video case study of a real, struggling nonprofit board that offers rich learning opportunities; and plenty of “boardcraft”—the nuts-and-bolts structures, processes, and techniques you will need to convert governing concepts into results.

As the program unfolds over eight weeks, you will have ample opportunity for real-time implementation and feedback. You can apply program concepts and tools, assess your results, and refine your board-improvement strategies. To support that work, you will complete a workbook in each module to help you diagnose your board and develop action plans.

We foster a community of learners through interaction and peer engagement—enabled by lively group chats and real-time video meetings (recorded for later viewing for those who cannot attend) where participants can engage with the professor and each other. Except for the live sessions (with optional attendance), you can work at your own pace, without worrying about coordinating your class and work schedules.

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