fbpx Performance Measurement for Effective Management of Nonprofit Organizations: Curriculum | Harvard Kennedy School

Performance Measurement for Effective Management of Nonprofit Organizations helps nonprofit executives like you think conceptually about organizational performance measurement. Through a combination of faculty presentations, case studies and group discussions, you'll examine the rationale behind performance measurement and gain valuable insight into its critical aspects.

Core curriculum topics include:

  • Aligning Mission and Organizational Performance Management: Linking organizational performance, mission and impact; recognizing what is being measured and what is being delivered; developing a theory of change and logic model
  • Challenges and Obstacles to Managing Organizational Performance: Building a performance-based culture; developing capacity within the organization; implementing a performance management strategy
  • Innovation through Measurement: Designing experiments to develop new interventions and improve existing programs; fostering a learning mindset within the organization
  • Collaborating with Partners: Using data to communicate social and environmental outcomes to key stakeholders; dealing with the forces that shape the nonprofit environment
  • Sustainable Performance Management Systems: Understanding and overcoming implementation challenges; institutionalizing continuous improvement in your organization; assessing communication issues
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