Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education hosts over 35 programs, most of which last one week or less. While the programs are short, they meet the high standards for quality and rigor that you would expect from Harvard.

Each executive education program is led by a full-time Harvard faculty member chosen for his or her expertise and proven ability to teach senior executives. Many are scholar-practitioners actively engaged in shaping policy through consulting and advisory work with heads of organizations and governments. All are easily accessible during the program to discuss your questions and enhance your learning.

A Vibrant Learning Environment

The learning process for an executive program begins before it even kicks off. All incoming participants have access to CANVAS, an online portal with schedules, information on your new classmates, and essential program-related content including required pre-program work (e.g., readings that will be discussed).

Highlighting our focus on practical solutions for leaders like you, executive education programs make extensive use of the case study method. This allows participants to explore new analytical frameworks and the latest research within a context of real-world executive decision-making.

We also emphasize experiential learning through simulations, interactive exercises, and small-group work. Plan on acquiring valuable skills and insights that you can apply directly to your leadership challenges immediately following the program.

During each day of this intensive experience, you will be in class, engaging in individual study or sharing meals with fellow participants from around 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. At night, you may spend time completing reading assignments, mingling with classmates, or taking in activities on the University campus. We mark the end of each program with a final dinner for participants and faculty.