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Public Finance in a Complex World is a one-week program that offers an intensive look at the current landscape of this field.

The curriculum will explore key aspects of budget reform, accounting and internal audit reform—as well as how these parts come together to facilitate effective public financial management systems. Lectures, case studies, interactive exercises and classroom discussions will illuminate theory and enable you to work through real-life challenges.

The program also makes extensive use of PEFA (Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability) data, which will enable you and your peers to draw meaningful conclusions about the quality of financial management systems in various countries.

An in-depth examination

A unique aspect of the program is that the curriculum goes beyond numbers, presenting case studies that focus on qualitative stories of reform in action. The case study approach allows you and your peers to discuss learnings and decide how to implement reforms in your own country. Speakers who are experts in public financial management at multilateral organizations and bilateral agencies lead the case studies, which come from Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America.

Public Finance in a Complex World will provide you with an enhanced understanding of:

  • Approaches to balance the demands on public financial management systems, including common calls for austerity and the simultaneous pressures for increased spending
  • The options available to improve public financial management performance in a wide variety of countries
  • Strategies to adapt common reform options to local contextual challenges
  • Ways of facilitating the implementation of reforms by distributed agents across governments
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